Ian Trent Taylor

Intelligent, compassionate, generous, competitive; these are words that speak to the way Trent lived his life. Although Trent was with us for only twenty-two years, he brought a lifetime of joy to so many. When you met Trent, you didn’t become his friend- you became Family. Trent was the catalyst which brought those around him together and in his short life- he created more valuable relationships than most of us will in a lifetime. Although Trent is no longer here, he lives with each of us every day through his spirit and passion for life.

At the core of Trent’s life were two things, Family and Sports. With these two foundational elements shaping Trent’s personality and identity, Trent learned to be driven yet kind, competitive yet compassionate. Because of his love for creating new friends and family, Trent gravitated towards sports like soccer and football. These sports taught him all the values of working within a team- from loyalty and sacrifice to goal setting and overcoming adversity. Trent was the guy who scored a goal and immediately ran to lift up his teammate who made the assist. He battled all game long for his teammates and was the guy you count on to have your back in a scuffle, but as soon as the whistle blew, the opponents were back to being his brothers. The way he participated in sports was a reflective of how he lived his life- full of passion, energy and flair.

To celebrate Trent’s life and amplify the impact his life had on others, we created the RIPITT Foundation. As we create opportunities for kids to build life-skills through sports, we honor Trent’s memory and continue to build on his legacy.